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Table 1.1 - Things Found Upon Spherewalkers

If you have access to a die roller application, you can use a d36 to determine the outcome using the original version of the Things Found Upon Spherewalkers table. If you would prefer to use real dice, use this version of the table. 

Roll a D6, and consult the appropriate tables:
Use a D12 on the selected Table

Table 1.1 - Things Found Upon Spherewalkers  
You never know what someone might be carrying from one realm to another. 

  1. The Itinerary of the Blue Khan, tracing his spherepath through the realms he destroyed
  2. An Unfamiliar, a rather nasty magical parasite, which can travel from sphere to sphere clinging to a Spherewalker's body
  3. A Triple Blessed Rosary, with 108 beads, representing the Walker's Journey among 36 adjoining realms
  4. A God-Ring bundled within a small piece of tied off felt cloth
  5. A simple leather thong ankle bracelet
  6. An assassin's journal, with dozens of persons' names crossed off, and dozens more to go. Adjacent to each person's name is the name of their realm
  7. A bag of nuts and seeds of many varieties
  8. Whisperweed, wrapping paper, and flints
  9. A fat, long finger wearing a gold ring set with a ruby gem
  10. A spherepath map embroidered on a fine silk cloth. The cloth is bunched, as several spheres have been stitched together that had formerly been separated by another sphere contiguous. There is a small sewing bundle with a pin cushion, scissors, needles, and spools of bright colored threads. There is also a spool of fine black thread that is so fine it is almost impossible to thread on the needle. The latter is some kind of hair
  11. A small clutch of soft insect eggs
  12. A tea caddy, nestled within a silk brocade pouch

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