Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Black Metal Figurine of a Dancing Male God

Fortune Card:  The Phoenix - Rebirth

This God is The Dancer, off-balance, his left leg extended high above his hip, and bent at the knee. The Lord of the Dance both creates and destroys the things around him. This lithe male figure was fashioned from metal that looks like smooth black stone, long kissed by fire. There is but the hint of a lignam traced on the left thigh - maybe it is there, maybe not.

Mechanics: The one who dances before this figurine daily acquires a Fire score of 5, but at a cost. The dancer permanently loses their natural Fire score. Furthermore, their Fire score diminishes by 1 for each day that they do not perform the dance. If their Fire score ever reaches 1, their Fire score never recovers. 

Also, in any scene, the Gamemaster may draw a Fortune Card. If the card has a negative or destructive connotation, something nearby is damaged or goes missing. It is likely the one who dances before the figurine will be blamed.

  1. What motivates the Spherewalker who carries this figurine to become one with The Dancer?
  2. What things have already been damaged or gone missing due to the influence of The Dancer?
  3. Where is The Dancer going next and what does it want?


  1. 1) The Spherewalker who carries this figurine is a 12 year old boy who watched his village destroyed by a rival village. He used it to empower himself on his quest for revenge. After his got his revenge, he is searching the spheres looking for his little brother.

    2) His little brother disappeared after his first usage of the figurine.

    3) Searching the spheres for his little bother.

  2. #2 is a doozie, as they say...


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