Friday, May 11, 2012

A Document Identifying the Bearer an Official Representative of the Snakering Family of Roundwander

Fortune Card: Knowledge, Reversed - Falsehood

The document fits in its tube snug as a snake in a rolled-up rug. Its green copper tube is detailed to resemble snake scales. Each end of the tube is decorated with a metal snake's head. Uncap either end, and you will see a long scroll made of a translucent membranous paper.

The document uses a twisted, overly elaborate scribble-script. Its florid language describes the bearer as an official representative of the Snakering family of Roundwander. It establishes the bearer as having the full faith and credit of the family, and the ear of "His Imperial Majesty."

The scroll proclaims: "My bearer keeps her counsel and keeps her word. She speaks the truth with her tongue and can taste the truth as well. Enjoy her sweet words; her arrival portends an end to betrayals and sour deeds."

The scroll doesn't name its bearer.

The document closes by requesting: "Please give the bearer of this scroll every consideration and amenity."

There is just one small problem with this document: it actually says "Roundwater" not Roundwander.

  1. What gives? Is the document real or fake?
  2. Who is the bearer? A spy, a diplomat, or a finagler? Something else?
  3. Where is the bearer of this document going, and why?
What are your answers?

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