Thursday, May 3, 2012

Table 1.3 - Things Found Upon Spherewalkers

  1. A leather pouch containing several glass vials with wax stoppers. One contains dirt, another sand, a third water, a fourth apparently air, a fifth a small insect cocoon, and a sixth, an unquenchable liquid fire.
  2. A leather thong necklace with a brightly painted stone figure. The figure depicts a creature with the body of a horse and the head of a pelican.
  3. A kris knife, whose wavy blade has a pearlescent sheen
  4. A mummified bird whose feet are tied together with a golden string
  5. A notebook of sketches for a series of tattoos, many of which also appear on the skin of the Spherewalker
  6. A list of names, titled "People to Marry", a second list of names, titled "Unsuitable", and the boilerplate for a marriage contract between two unspecified parties
  7. A document identifying the bearer as an official representative of the Snakering family of Roundwander
  8. The deed to an estate in the Strangerside community of Everway
  9. The signet rings of three royal houses in spheres adjoining Roundwander
  10. A pottery marriage vessel with two male figures
  11. An amber amulet carved into the likeness if a howling wolf
  12. A round copper pin, with a raised image depicting a jowly woman's face

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