Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Guide to Spherewalking: Cenotes

The Tidal Pools are elemental interstices, and are typically dead-ends. But this is not always true. Some Tidal Pools lead to sea caves. Some sea caves lead to cenotes. And some cenotes - the ones used for sacrifices - are points at which someone can swim into another realm.
You can recognize such sacrificial cenotes from what lies in the muck at their bottom: human bones, jewels, fine obsidian blades, or animal sacrifices. You may taste blood as you break the water's surface. Hopefully, you have found a cenote with ladderworks, where it is possible to ascend to land. If not, look for vines or other plants, or for simple well-worn hand-holds.  
When you ascend, some of the simple folk may believe you are a creature from the Underworld. The local priests may host you, but don't be surprised if they distrust you. More than one Whiteoar spy has traveled this way before.

Mechanics: This is not Spherewalking strictly speaking. If someone has access to a Tidal Pool, they can swim through a sea cave to a cenote without having or using the Spherewalking power.


  1. We used a slightly similar set-up in our old Bazra/Talibarr games back in the day. Gates, as we used them, tended to respond to variations in their relative positioning, altitude, etc. The angle they were at was geometrically significant in respect to the points connected. Thus there were gates situated in deep places and high places, so that they could access different destinations, both in the same solar system and beyond.

    Tidal pools like the Cenotes would also make wonderful resonant spaces, perhaps good spots to find Weak Points, overlaps or Nexus Points?

  2. You are exactly right about the Tidal Pools. I almost used Nexus Points to described them, but I was worried about infringing on another IP. Thus "elemental interstices".

  3. 'Nexus Point' is a wide-open term, much like 'gate,' 'portal,' or 'weak spot,' so it's fine to use it. But 'nexus point' does remind some people of Tekumel. That could be good or bad, depending on what you're after. Elemental Interstices is rather a good term also. It's a great concept and a wonderful post. Blogging seems to agree with you. Keep up the great work!

  4. Remember, cenotes are often connected via underground caves. Perhaps there are networks of connected cenotes leading to different spheres.

  5. Absolutely, Chad. And once you have such a network, you have alternative paths for Spherewalking. Whole new means/systems as it were, that are just a tad beyond the control of Everway.


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