Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Round Copper Pin, With A Raised Image...

Depicting A Jowly Woman's Face

Fortune Card: The Creator - Nurture

Buddha head, Shangai

The Face of the Host: Wear it to find safe rest; you'll always be a welcomed guest. A Host family cloak pin is a special boon for those who have helped the family in some way. It can be used once a day to guide the wearer to a place where they will be welcome and find safe lodging - whether with a Host or with someone else.

This boon is frequent, but not major or versatile. There are limits to its power. It guarantees safe and welcome lodging only when that is actually available in a place; it can't control anyone's mind or change their disposition in any way. It can't make the enemy's fortress or a burning city suddenly become safe or hospitable. It also doesn't give the traveler carte blanche to overstay their welcome or abuse, insult, or offend their host. The Face of the Host can stop working.

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