Thursday, May 24, 2012

Young Thirsty Ones

Young Thirsty Ones are mobile predators, unlike their Elders who have joined the mother-mass as sessile predators on the ocean floor. The young are as intelligent as an average human, a capacity which declines as they become Elders. Young Thirsty Ones are attracted by sharks' feeding frenzies.

Brian Farm, Totem 2 (2005)
A Thirsty One's beaked main body gives rise to numerous tentacles. The tentacles are incredibly tough, and unless ingested by predators, a Thirsty One's severed limbs will reweave together given enough time. Their tentacles have a mix of normal suckers, small barbed sucker-mouths used to tear and rend prey, and poisonous stinging cells. The stinging cells will kill anyone with an Earth score 4 or lower, and will sicken anyone with an Earth score of 5-8.

Young Thirsty Ones have at least one eye - sometimes on the top of the head, sometimes on the end of a tentacle, sometimes two, three or a dozen. They maintain a watchful eye or eyes for passing ships. They are large enough to attack ships, and are particularly gifted at reaching over their sides into hatches, port holes, and rigging. When they swipe people or objects of interest from passing ships, these are rarely recovered. 

The beaks of Thirsty Ones contain Soul Teeth. Soul Teeth are prized by the armorer-shamans of the Sitting Dog Archipelago, who use them to make powerful magic weapons and curse-charms. Soul Teeth bite deeply. Soul Teeth ensure that someone consumed by the Thirsty Ones is taken off the Wheel of Reincarnation forever. They are no more. Even being maimed by Soul Teeth will diminish you. If these teeth mark you, your Water score will be permanently reduced by 1.

A Young Thirsty One's elements are: Air 3, Water 6, Fire 7, and Earth 7.

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