Monday, May 21, 2012

Everwayan Enhanced

Thanks to Jim Garrison of Hereticwerks we have a new header for the Everwayan. Anyone who is serious about the old and new Weird in roleplaying should visit Hereticwerks' multiplanar family of blogs.

We have also begun the process of adding sidebars, pages, and gadgets to the website, such as a search engine and different options for following the blog.

Now anyone can become a Spherewalker (i.e., Follower)!

On the right sidebar, we have added a few pages including Everway Setting Basics, On Language and Names, and The Crossroads - Everway Links. Below them you will also find an Everway Resource List, a list of Games We Like and a blog list (just beginning).

One of the surprises in doing research for the links was discovering that someone put Spherewalker into the Pathfinder SRD as a prestige class!

If you have suggestions for other sites to add to the links list, or ideas for resource lists (fiction/non-fiction, movies, other relevant games, etc.) please let me know your ideas and suggestions in the comments.

What other kinds of content and resources should be available at the Everwayan?

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