Monday, May 7, 2012

Simple Leather Thong Ankle Bracelet

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Fortune Card: Drowning in Armor, Reversed - True Prudence

It's the plain looking one that's special. After losing Everway's civil war, the Whiteoar family gave these simple leather thongs to their agents. While these ankle bracelets are not powerful enough to open one of the Whiteoar's Seagates, they do allow their agents to make a quick if temporary escape, by hiding in Tidal Pools - elemental interstices that can be accessed from river, lake, or sea water. In a Tidal Pool, the swimmer will be in an area with air and water. S/he will need to swim, tread water, or have something to float on like a surf board in order to avoid drowning. They may have strange company swimming below them in the Tidal Pool, and it is often quite hungry.

Mechanics: The anklet must be immersed in river, lake, or sea water. The wearer upon willing it so, will find him/herself shifted to a Tidal Pool until the next low tide, when they are ejected. The anklet will not work again until the next high tide. 


  1. Where did the Spherewalker obtain the anklet? The Whiteoars were all thought to be long dead...(Playing Guide, p.16)
  2. Who does this Spherewalker need to escape or avoid?
  3. What happens when someone drowns in a Tidal Pool?  


  1. 1) The Spherewalker was working for the Library of All Worlds when she was blackmailed by the Silvershard Syndicate to "check out" a few items they were interested in. While seeking out the requested items, she discovered the bracelet and took it for herself thinking it may come in handy.

    2) She is sought by the Library now that they have discovered the missing items, and she is sought by the Silvershard, as she is a loose end.

    3) When someone drowns in the Tidal Pool, they are not ejected when the low tide comes. Instead their body remains in there until it is either devoured by a beast of the pool, or is retrieved, or washed out when another is ejected from the pool.

  2. Yes, I am certain the Library of All Worlds will be very unhappy about unauthorized "check-outs" - after all, the acquisitions in more than one set of stacks at the Library was built the very same way...


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