Thursday, May 3, 2012

Table 1.2 - Things Found Upon Spherewalkers

  1. A small collection of fine sword guards
  2. A star-shaped porcelain tile, depicting a cheetah
  3. A stone figurine depicting a boar headed goddess
  4. A stone figurine depicting a goddess of war
  5. Two identical metal bells, whose handles end in claws
  6. A horn made of a conch shell, and surrounded by fine bronze metalwork
  7. A black metal figurine of a dancing male god
  8. A jeweled gold crossbow fibula
  9. The Icon of Infinite Sorrow, painted on the inside of a seashell
  10. A small booklet with dozens of square pages that have been stitched together with red thread, and then bound with resin. Each page describes a favor given to someone, or a favor owed to someone
  11. A small, finger-length wooden figure of an oar, painted white
  12. A metal scorpion, with a winding screw protruding from its back

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