Wednesday, May 23, 2012

You Decide: The Face From the Void

You Decide #2

In You Decide posts, we create new Vision Cards together! The Everwayan shows you an image, provides a brief framing statement, draws three to six Fortune Cards, and asks you to answer a few questions about the image. You flesh it out.

There are guidelines on how to play You Decide, and Everway reference information available here.

You Decide About the Image:

Terry Martin (artist)
"Mother Cut Your Toenails, You're Tearing All The Sheets," 1999 Walnut
The Albertine Monroe-Brown Study-Storage Gallery
University of Michigan Museum of Art
Photo c. 2012 John E. Till
Frame: This object is made of some unsettled wood. It can be held in two hands but be careful not to lose a finger: the wood drifts. A steward found it one day sitting in the King's chair in the Council House. The King's adviser, Hermes Branch Crookstaff, had it removed to the Secure Collections room at the Library of All Worlds.

Fortune Cards:
  • Virtue: The Cockatrice - Corruption
  • Fault: Inspiration - Creativity 
  • Fate: The Eagle - The Mind Prevails vs. Thoughtlessness
  1. Who made this?  Does it have any special powers?
  2. What realm did it come from  - if any? 
  3. Who - if anyone - put it in the Council House?
What are your answers? You Decide!


  1. 1. A dimensional itinerant wove the very earliest instance in a distant arboreal seclusion. It binds channels of being and allows the user to play the opi of souls.

    2. This particular variant is Paluvian, a gift to a subject community.

    3. A courtier acquainted with a commissioned gadabout.

  2. @ Porky: Woah, an Opi of Souls! And what can you tell me about the Paluvians - or Paluvia?

  3. Not so much. From the name, I'm getting layers of sedimentary or encrusted awareness, maybe learning and testing of this over vast spans of time through the erosion of the deposits into a water table or equivalent, in an ongoing cycle or system. Migration might need to be a part of that, so the material is spread and combined in various ways.

  4. Paluvian - Pelagian-effulvian? :) The elements are combining and recombining and coming to life in various ways. And I bet many, many people in the multiverse would see the elements as alive and growing anyway, rather than as D&D abstract-planar physics terms.

  5. I was thinking Pavlov-fluvial, but Pelagius definitely fits and I like it a lot. It could be much a richer inspiration too. I'd imagine we're only just beginning to understand living systems, and even the nature of life.


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