Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You Decide: Strangerside Door

This is a new type of Everway post. 

In You Decide posts,The Everwayan shows you an image, provides a brief framing statement, draws three to five Fortune Cards, and asks you to answer three questions about the image. You flesh it out.

The Image:

Detail from carved wooden door (Africa)
Obsidian Arts Center exhibit
Pillsbury House, Minneapolis.
Photo c. 2012 John Till.

Frame: This is the door of a building in Strangerside.

Fortune Cards: 
  • Virtue: War - Great Effort
    • --This card depicts Ogun (no kidding! this was the first card draw)
  • Fault: Fertility - Growth
  • Fate: The Satyr - Indulgence vs. Moderation
  • Past: The Hermit - Wisdom
  • Present: The Unicorn - Purity
  • Future: Nature - Life Energy

You Decide:
  1. Who made the door?
  2. What happens behind the door? What kind of building is this? Who owns it? 
  3. Who was the last visitor to pass through this door?

What are your answers?


  1. Should the Fault be Stagnation, the reverse meaning of Fertility? Or shall we make Growth into a fault?

  2. 1. Visitors from a Realm rent by an age-ending conflict, quietly and over time; they carried what relics and signs they could save and infuse, to aid the future multiplication of their kind.

    2. Interactions among the entities. It is less an archive than a microcosm. It belongs to all of the kind living still and those as yet unborn.

    3. Faun.

  3. That is very cool, Porky! So the door is kind of a Gate, no? And what is behind the door is a sort of polder, as John Clute would say...Interesting that a faun was the last one though. This is the kind of place that would definitely attract them...

  4. I wasn't thinking gate, but now I am and I like the idea. Maybe an extension of a further place or an extrusion of an alien matter held in place or cultivated to act as a growth medium?

  5. @Porky: "Extension of a further place" sounds a bit like a land-based version of my concept of Tidal Zones aka elemental interstices. "Alien matter held in place or cultivated to act as a growth medium" sounds very Strangerside indeed!

  6. I've just had a read up on Tidal Zones - that's a cool idea, and the thinking on water and the wooden world in general. After all, if we're creating fantasy worlds, why not really push the fantasy, see how far it can go? It's inspiring. I say we need more expectations confounding.

  7. @Porky: "We need more expectations confounding." Absolutely! And Everway seems made for that!


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