Friday, July 18, 2014

"Miyazaki on Mushrooms"

Thursday night saw my fourth game of The Quiet Year (I think). I love this storygame more than any other. Way more than any other, in fact. One of our players described this session as "Miyazaki on Mushrooms" due to the strange aggregation of whimsy, folly, and failure that transpired.

The game had:
  • Ampicyons (the bear-dog critters on the right side of the map)
  • Bacigalupi-style clipper ships
  • Amphicyon riders
  • Rival Bear-Dog cults
  • A Stone Bear-Dog temple
  • A wooden "Trojan Horse" Bear-Dog temple
  • A bear-dog charm-witch
  • Runaway teens
  • A charismatic hedge wizard
  • Zeroids
  • Bjorner colonists from across the sea
  • Eels
  • A huge waterfall
  • A cave behind the waterfall
And much, much more. Not so much a chaotic mishmosh;  the varied strange parts kind of fit together.

The Frost Shepards were the very last card in the deck. We decided that the Frost Shepards were just that - a Winter frost.

Very Miyazaki.