Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Everway: The Great Return at Virtual Gamehole Con


Event signup for Gamehole Con, October 21-24 is now LIVE. You can sign up for my virtual Everway-Silver Anniversary Edition game right now.

To register to attend Gamehole Con, for either the virtual or in-person track or both, go here.

To sign up for my event, go here.

My game is Saturday, October 23, from 6-10 PM CT. 

The event description is here:

More than 25 years ago, Wizards published an RPG with three booklets in a white box. Everway reinvented fantasy gaming, taking things to a mythic level in which you play Spherewalkers exploring the Multiverse. Characters were created using Vision Cards, and a Tarot-like Fortune Deck was the tool for resolving character and NPC actions. At the center of everything is the great City of Everway, the city with the greatest number of gates to other Spheres in the Multiverse. Now back in a new Silver Anniversary edition, this is your chance to experience this unique and visionary RPG for yourself! Visit for more about the game and the setting. Game will be run on the convention Discord server.