Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Reading The Guide to Glorantha

I decided to start an archive for my brief G+ posts on my read-through of the Guide to Glorantha. Most are posts of a picture from a specific section of the Guide, with brief commentary. Consider them flags marking my ascent of a world-mountain. The most recent posts at the top, and we'll be updating this archive as we continue our read-through.

Are there models for dungeons in Glorantha?

The Goddess Glorantha and her mother:

The Scorpion Man, one of the Lesser Elder Races of Glorantha:

The Ysabbau, the host hostile to humans of the Merfolk (Black Lagoony):

The Gnydron, the most colossal of the Merfolk (Krakenoids?):

On the Uz, also known as Trolls:

A more prosaic view of the Mostali, or Dwarves:

The Weirdest look at the Mostali, or Dwarves:

Dream Dragons:

Dragon Mondays - hopefully not happening to a community near you:

The Dragonewts:

The Aldryami, or Elves:

Kralori Exarch:

Kralori Mandarin and Soldier:

The Pelorians aren't that easy to like:

The Pelorians:

The Orlanthi:

Out of sequence - mural on the Lightbringers' Quest:

Out of sequence - Temples of the Reaching Moon:

The Guide has arrived!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Bandit Map

The Bandit Map is here: the first supplement for Rachel Kronick's Blade & Crown RPG. The adventure begins with the discovery of a scrap of an old map, and leads to a bandit-hunting adventure in lands shunned by peasants and burghers alike.

Our gaming group playtested the scenario in the Spring/Winter of 2014. We had a blast with it, and together created one of the best adventuring parties with whom I've had the pleasure of gaming. Each member of the party - including my youthful and violent fire mage (based on the Fullmetal Alchemist) - was part of the entourage of a noble (also a PC) who had fallen on hard times. We were bound to each other by oaths of fealty, as well as a desire for gold.

Now, as a game inspired by Swordbearer, Blade & Crown lends itself to gritty, A Game of Thronesy/Abercrombsie-style adventure, There's magic, but most of it is subtle. But in this adventure my fire mage encountered something that quite literally blew his mind.

The Bandit Map is available in print in both full color and in B&W editions, as well as in PDF, All the details, and a free preview can be found right here.

While the scenario could readily be adapted for almost any fantasy RPG with little difficulty, the time is right to check out Blade & Crown if you're not familiar with the game or are sitting in the fence at the moment. It's 25% off right now (regardless of format) until September 30! Find print here and PDF here.