Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Have Things Changed?

One of the players in my virtual Everway game at U-Con last weekend asked what was different about running Everway virtually, and was it more difficult to run Everway online? 

That's a really interesting question. 

My biggest fear in preparing to run Everway online was character creation. I was able to address this issue by creating a form-fillable version of the ready-to-run heroes in the Players' Book. There's really an embarrassment of riches when it comes to signature characters in Book I, and the publishers of the new edition had the brilliant idea to publish the characters as almost complete: they are missing the third of three images, and the brief narrative that appears under that image.

To prepare my games, I have created a folder with a lot of different fantasy images from different sources the internet. I invite players to select an image that speaks to them, and then to figure out what it stands for or illustrates with respect to completing the character's background. 

Then we do 2-3 Questions per character.

All of this takes about 45 minutes with a group of 3-4 players online. It creates a very cohesive set of player characters and establishes a holding environment for the game of mutual respect and interest in each other's characters. 

This is time well-spent in a virtual game, and probably works out similarly in-person.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Virtual "Everway: the Great Return" Game at Con of the North 2022


Con of the North, one of the larger gaming conventions in the upper Midwest, will be happening February 18-20. The convention will have both in-person and virtual tracks. I plan to run several games in the virtual track, one of which is Everway-Silver Anniversary Edition.

My game is scheduled for 8 AM-12 Noon on Saturday, February 19th. I'll be using the convention's Discord server for all of my games. The time is kind of early, which is OK with me, and probably works well for some international gamers.

If you are interested in playing, your first step is to register at the convention site. Scroll down until you see the Virtual section, and you will see that a virtual registration costs $5. Very soon, you should be able to select events. My event is listed here: 

I will also be GMing the new Dune RPG, co-GMing a Tekumel game session, and running the Lex Arcana RPG. So it will be a very busy weekend. 

I will post my entire schedule of events at the FATE SF blog (later today or tomorrow).