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Here are some important links for Everway:

Department V blog - has content on Everway and a lot of other great games; the posts tagged Everway are linked here.

Simulated Fortune Deck - Collin Morris built an online Fortune Deck card drawer. Enter the number of cards you want to draw and click for results! Refresh the page to draw again!

Asshat Paladins - developed an Everway hack for FATE: EverFATE. All posts with the tag Everway are linked here.

Gaslight Press - the most recent company to hold the license to Everway

Everway-L - the Yahoo email group for the Everway

Everway Character Sheet - scroll down a bit to find links to scans of the original Everway character sheets; there is another character sheet here

Kat's Everway Page - "one click" guides and tables for Character Creation, A Sample Character, the Fortune Deck, the Elements, Powers and Magic. Useful for the GM to have on their tablet computer or laptop at the gaming table. Kat's sections on Character Creation and A Simple Character are particularly useful for GMs and Players today. She shows how historical art works (as opposed to Everway Vision cards) can be used to create characters.

Spherewalker entry - A prestige class in the Pathfinder SRD; not strictly speaking Everway, although if you read the flavor text for the entry, this is potentially a rabbit hole into Everway. Another brief entry can be found here.

Spherewalker - a more recent wiki with a great deal of published Everway content from the original box set and the Spherewalker Sourcebook, as well as original content. A great resource for players and GMs.

John's Everway Web Site - not THIS John, that John! Seriously though,  this is one of the Everway pages with the most recent content - last update 9/2005. He has posted over 100 Creatures and a good deal of other interesting content.

Fred Wolke's Amberway Site - where two great settings and games came together.

EverWiki - Runester's wiki of personal creations for Everway.

Did Anyone Play Everway? - A brief Redit with some points about what makes Everway unique and enjoyable to play. Threads - Can you name a system that has Everway's core features, plus advancement?

Broken Links:

Rob Barret's Everweb - One of the first fan sites for Everway, this remains an important repository for early fan creations including Heroes and Background Characters, Magic and Powers, Spheres and Realms, Quests and Campaigns, Rules and Resources, and Everway Links.

Martin Tepley's Reference Guide to the Fortune Deck - a table of Everway Fortune Cards and Meanings, available as a convenient PDF. Useful at the gaming table - a perfect handout for players.

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