Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Spells for Heirs To The Lost World

During last weekend's game of Heirs to the Lost World, a few new spells were introduced. Two were created on the spot by Bob, who played our Aztec Blood Mage. One was created by The Everwayan, who served as GM.

I decided to write these up as new spells for Heirs.

The first two spells were those of the Blood Mage, who was a priest of Ometeotl.

Touch the Ihiyotl (Power of Life and Healing): Grade 1. Duration = one scene. You can touch the Ihiyotl - the first of three souls a person has. The Ihiyotl is a person's animal, most basic human drives and deep emotions. This spell is used to calm the emotions of someone whose mind has been clouded or inflamed by alcohol or other intoxicants. The GM determines the exact effects of this spell produces on the target.

Sun's Scream (Power of the Sun): Grade 2: Toughness + Willpower. Duration = instantaneous. A Blood Mage smears his or her blood on the exposed skin of the target, typically a war captive who has been bound. When exposed to the sun under the influence of the spell, the Blood Mage's blood becomes an extremely sticky substance, which causes deep, incredibly painful burns on the target. If cast successfully, this spell causes one Wound. It is often cast to extract intelligence from war captives of the Aztecs; its use is considered to be honorable.

The third spell was used by the alchemist Master of Winds on the Dutch slaver ship Oudwater. The alchemist used it to effect an escape the PCs during a slave revolt on the Dutch ship.

Air Barnacle (Power of Air): Grade 2. Duration = Sustained.  This spell creates an air bubble about 6" in diameter as an underwater refuge for the caster. The Air Barnacle will form around the caster, and then attach itself to the lowest point on the nearest ship or boat. Within this refuge, the caster may use words and gestures to cast spells as normally, and will have breathable air as long as the spell is Sustained. The spell may be disrupted mechanically by the typical mechanical means used to remove barnacles, such as chains or barbed poles, as well as by scraping the Air Barnacle against a sandbar or shallow harbor or river bottom.

The names and descriptions for the Touch the Ihiyotl, Sun's Scream, and Air Barnacle spells are copyright 2013 by Obsidian Serpent Games.

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