Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Encyclopedia of Fantasy - Now Online

We have added a link to the online version of John Clute's masterwork The Encyclopedia of Fantasy to the right hand sidebar of the FATE SF blog. The link is located several items down on the right sidebar just a bit after it bifurcates into TWO right had sidebars.

The link is in the outer of the two right-hand sidebars, just above the My Blog List. Look for the cover image above and click on it to be taken to the online version of the Encyclopedia. This an essential resource for any serious fantasy fan, with a theory of fantasy embedded across the many entries.

In my opinion, it is even better than Clute's earlier Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, which is also now online. You can find that one at our sister blog, FATE SF. It is located in two places: in a link located in the right hand sidebar of the FATE SF - just above the My Blog List - as well as in the General SF and Science Links page just under the FATE SF masthead.

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