Thursday, March 11, 2021

For Sale in the Library Gift Shop

Does the Library of All Worlds have a gift shop? Of course it does! The Library of All Worlds receives guests from all over the Million Spheres. Expect the pricing to be unreasonable, as in any museum gift shop. Some of the items sold will even be the genuine article. 

This is a sample of goods for sale:

  1. Left hand amulet with a heart symbol in the palm - helps the wearer find the book that is their heart's desire
  2. Right hand amulet with an eye in the palm - helps the wearer find books hidden out of sight
  3. Fine papyrus paper, blank
  4. Fine styluses
  5. Fine blades/abrasives for sharpening styluses
  6. Inkstones
  7. Bookmarks of all kinds (thick, thin, organic, inorganic)
  8. Various book dusting implements, cloths, etc.
  9. Book locks, chains, book frames and binders - everything to imprison a text
  10. Fine scroll cases
  11. Weatherproofed scroll cases
  12. Paperweights (metal, jewels, stone) - symbols of deities, planets, Fortunes
  13. Paperweights that prevent spirit-scrying
  14. Warding items (charm-plaques) to protect libraries from spiritual intrusions, theft, and invasions
  15. "Birds of Roundwander" -guide/checklist
  16. "Lizards and Amphibians of Roundwander" -guide/checklist
  17. "The Grand and All-Inclusive Bestiary of Fourcorner"
  18.  "Legendary Creatures of the Million Spheres" by Ulric Seen-It-All
  19. "The Great Book of the Library" by Hermes Branch Crookstaff
  20. "A Guide to the Library of All Worlds" - annotated map, possibly out-of-date
  21. "A History of the Chamber Platinum, Including Biographies of Illustrious Founders and Travellers Among the Million Spheres" by Stacks Scratch
  22. "That's Pretty Well It: A Guide to the Art of Hosting" by Allready Host
  23. "Cuisine of the Million Spheres" by Alltrythat Host
  24. "The Book of Emerald Bindings"
  25. Numerous small vials of seeds from the Great Gardens
  26. "A Treatise on the Gods and Fortunes"
  27. Figurines of the various gods and goddesses of knowledge
  28. Reading glasses of various sizes, magnifications, styles, and shapes; tinted lenses, clear lenses, etc.
  29. Reading glasses for reading the texts buried within palimpsests
  30. Reading glasses that convert characters to numbers according to varied cyphers; these are sold in pairs

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