Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Everway: Quest for the Queer Sphere

This is the blurb for the Everway quest I'll be running at virtual ConFABulous, on Sunday, November 7, 1-4 PM:

Everway-Silver Anniversary Edition RPG : "The Quest for the Queer Sphere" - You play Spherewalkers with the ability to use gates to walk between worlds in this multicultural, mythic, high fantasy RPG. Out now in a new edition via Kickstarter, Everway uses a Tarot-like Fortune Deck to determine the results of character actions. The focus is on narrative and story. Rules are easy to learn.

ConFABulous is a gaming convention for LGBTQ+ people and their friends. ConFABulous is 100% virtual this year. As well as RPGs, there will be a single track of high quality panels on topics of interest to gamers and fans of SF&F, horror, and comics. 

The entire convention schedule (panels and games) is here.

To play in the game, you will need to register for ConFABulous, here. Registration is free. Then, you will need to email and indicate that you want to play in this specific game session.

 The game will be played on the ConFABulous Discord server.

The convention schedule has also been published on the convention website. 

Although the panels are all on Saturday, November 6, there are enough cool RPGs that we decided to open up gaming for both November 6 and 7!

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