Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Petty Gods

Petty Gods' cover illustration by Thomas Denmark
It has been a little quiet over here, because we have been working on submissions for Petty Gods, an OSR community project which Gorgonmilk is coordinating. So far, the project has resulted in the completion and release of the original Petty Gods sourcebook. 

Once Gorgonmilk made a public offer through his blog to assist with finishing Petty Gods, things happened. Numerous game writers and artists offered to help. The Tekumel Foundation contributed Professor M.A.R. Barker's essay "How to create a religion for fun and profit" to the effort, and Peter Gifford, who did the layout and editing for the original Petty Gods manuscript made the decision to release the original Petty Gods book as a PDF, which you can download here.

I am looking forward to being part of the forthcoming Expanded Petty Gods!  The project has a group of amazing creative people behind it doing the writing and art, as well as some of my favorite fantasy authors such as Michael Moorcock, Charles Saunders, and Gene Wolfe, who will be making contributions to the book.

Although neither FATE SF or The Everwayan are OSR blogs, it has been primarily OSR affiliated bloggers such as Hereticwerks, From the Sorcerer's Skull, Swords & Stitchery, and Porky's Expanse that inspired me a year ago to start blogging in the first place. So it is fun to be contributing alongside some of these luminaries in what is sure to become one of the biggest fan community created gaming publications!

We are living in interesting times!

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  1. I think I could get used to being called a luminary..! I'm glad you're working on it too. It just gets better as a project, pretty much with every passing day.


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