Friday, April 19, 2013

Gates In The Xeno-Meso Setting

There are many kinds of gates leading into and out of the Sixth World of Xeno-Meso:
  • The Azteca arrived in the Sixth  World through a Smoking Mirror Engine. It is located in a Mirror Gallery deep inside the Temple of the Netted Jaguar in the long-abandoned city of Teotihuacan. This is their Great Secret, and one they guard jealously.
  • The Paddlers arrived through a Water Gate known as the Blue Hole. After their arrival in the Sixth World with three great pyramidal Battle Barges and a hundred great canoes, the contending merchants and princes of the realm known as The Forest of Kings suddenly had the most valuable trade allies they could ever imagine.
  • Every cave is potentially a gate to The Underworld. 
  • Cenotes are common in The Forest of Kings. Many of them connect to The Underworld or to other spheres entirely through Tidal Pools.
  • Many temples and observatories of the Sixth World have gates to other realms and planets. Some gates' thresholds are at the top of temple structures - often the Chac Mool is their very threshold. The priests often also build their temples upon caves or subterranean structures which are gates to The Underworld.
  • Vision serpents are summoned using ritual hallucinogens; these sacred beings are often living gates themselves.
  • The Olmeca's stone heads are gates to the ancestors' worlds. The heads are Memory Houses for the spirits of warriors, nobles, and kings who crossed the Great Sea in generations past to conquer the lands the Olmeca now rule.

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