Saturday, May 4, 2013

Strangerside Scholar: A Stranger In Olondria

Cover art by Kathleen Jennings

Sofia Samatar's A Stranger in Olondria is finally out from Small Beer Press. Those of us who live in the Twin Cities hear a name like Samatar, and of course wonder if she might be Somali. The author is indeed Somali American, and I believe I have her father's book on anti-colonial resistance movements in Northern and Eastern Africa. You can read a piece by the author over on John Scalzi's blog.

It's about books and about reading - a book for fantasy readers who love books and reading. Just look at the big red tome under the arm of the protagonist on the cover. Makes you wonder what it is?

A Stranger in Olondria is also a book about someone from the "periphery", who moves to and becomes absorbed in the life and world of the metropole. I imagine there are many Spherewalkers who make it to Everway and have a very similar experience. It must be easy to become lost among the many peoples of Strangerside, let alone in Everway's great places such as the Library of All Worlds.

Twin Cities readers and friends: I also have an advanced reader's copy that I'd be happy to pass on to the first person who let's me know they'd like to read the book. Leave me a note in the comments. As long as I know who you are, I'll be happy to set it aside until we meet.

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