Thursday, June 28, 2012

Everwayan Update

Yesterday, we posted You Decide! Number 7. We plan to take that series up to 10 posts, so that the series can become a nice d10 table for a GM looking for some random people, places, and things to use in their Everway game. I will probably use these as hooks in a new mini-campaign later this year.

We have a couple more things in the works in the next coming weeks, including an interview with Greg Stolze, and reviews of the Story Cards RPG and the House of Cards RPG.

And I had an epiphany today for a new series. The plan is to carve out a spherepath/gatepath series starting from one of the known gates in the city of Everway, and detailing the successive gates and realms that connect out from that gate. In other words, I plan to detail out one branch of the Tree of Worlds... at least detail it out a good ways, through a number of successive gates and alternate/branching gatepaths.

One of my insights is that this could be useful and fun for thinking about economies along the branch, as well as about other aspects of how connected realms influence each other culturally, politically, religiously, etc. I think it could also be interesting to tell the story of some of the Spherewalkers who travel up and down the Branch.

The Branch and its succession of gates and realms will also need some kind of physical representation - a map of the spherepath. I'll have to think about how to do that.

If you have other ideas for kinds of posts or series that you'd like to see, please let me know!

Finally, I wanted to give a plug for a neat Roman alternative history game which came out in print this week. Servants of Gaius, which is reviewed in detail here and here is a tight, rules light, neat alternative history RPG in which the PCs play special agents of the Emperor Caligula (eccentricities toned down a bit and explained) who has called together the "Servants of Gaius" as a secret force to combat the nefarious agents of Neptune, who seek to destroy Rome.

Even cooler, The Bedrock Blog, has published a post called "Help Build Rome." They are inviting people to write their own NPCs, locations, things, adventure ideas, gods, etc., to be published on their blog. I like the attitude.

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