Monday, June 25, 2012


Manananggal: The One Who Separates Herself. The first ones lived in the Sitting Dog Archipelago, but they have spread far and wide. Given the intensity and relentlessness of their appetites, more of them are found in cities today than in villages or the forest.
Some say the Manananggal are witches, but the truth is that they only resemble humans. They look like human women during the day. And they can appear as any woman they have studied, but only from sunrise until sundown. 

At sundown, their true form is revealed. They pull apart and sever their own bodies to take flight for the night. They feast on blood and flesh. Women who are pregnant or have small children are particularly favored prey, but these creatures are far from exclusive in their tastes. Spherewalkers must take special care if these creatures are nearby. 

When the Manananggal splits her body apart at nightfall, her upper body breaks free at the waist, sprouting bat-like wings and horrible fangs, dangling numerous dripping entrails below her. She grows a fearsome long proboscis-like tongue which can be used for drinking blood and scooping out tender bits of flesh. The Manananggal needs no permission to enter a dwelling; she goes where she will. Until sunrise, when she must rejoin her lower half.
The lower half of the Manananggal's body - the waist and legs - is her true vulnerability. It remains behind, immobile. Find it, destroy it, and the creature cannot survive.

As noted above, Spherewalkers are at great risk from the Manananaggal. Their blood is particularly tasty, and consuming it allows the Manananggal to spherewalk, which it cannot otherwise do. This is how the creatures have spread from world-to-world.

Everway has been good for the Manananggal. A large city - really two cities sitting side-by-side. A city where women have relative equality and a great deal of social power through the kinship system. A perfect place to blend in, and perhaps impersonate. A place that is set in its ways, yet very tolerant of and complacent about outsiders and their strange ways. While a few Crows and Watchers suspect that something is amiss, most others in the city are entirely unaware of the Manananggal's presence.

  • Fire 3, Earth 3, Air 3, Water 1
  • 2 Point Power: Impersonation (Major, Frequent) - From sunrise until sundown, the Manananggal can impersonate one female individual that she has studied.
  • Upper Body: Fire 5, Earth 5, Air 2, Water 1
    • Power: Fly
    • Must drain one point of Earth per night in blood/flesh, or her own Earth score will go down by one point per night.
    • Every Earth point of blood/flesh drained from a Spherewalker gives the Manananggal the ability to Spherewalk between two gates.
  • Lower Body: Fire 1, Earth 2, Air 1, Water 1

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