Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Silk Thread Wheel

We'll be running this series through You Decide #10. 
Then, we have a new project to launch. 
More on that in tomorrow's Everwayan Update!

You Decide #7

In You Decide posts, we create new Vision Cards together! The Everwayan shows you an image, provides a brief framing statement, and draws three Fortune Cards, and one or more Inspiration Cards

Then, we ask you to answer a few questions about the image. You flesh it out.

There are guidelines on how to play You Decide, and Everway reference information available here.

You Decide About the Image:

Ikat Wheel, "Weaving to Survive" exhibit,
Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, MN
Photo c. 2012 John Everett Till
Frame: The image is of wheel frame (about the size of a breadbasket) used to weave silk fibers together to make richly patterned textiles.

Fortune Cards:
  • Virtue: Inspiration - Creativity
  • Fault:  The Lion - The Body Prevails, Reversed
  • Fate: Spring - New Growth vs. Stagnation

Inspiration Cards:
  • I drew the Inspiration Card Blacksmith for additional ideas. 
    • The card's Archetype is Industry
    • Its Event is Something Breaks;
    • It's Trait is Industrious.
    • The d3 roll for the card is 1, which means that if the mask has a power, that power is either frequent, or powerful, or versatile.
  1. Who uses and owns the wheel? Who make the wheel?
  2. What kind of textile is the weaver trying to create using the silk threads on the wheel?
  3. What power does the wheel have? Does it take a toll on the user? What happens when a thread breaks?
What are your answers? You Decide!

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