Friday, June 1, 2012

Secret Scroll: The Ape Trade and The Mankines

Report to the Chamber Platinum

"So far the sources have proven accurate about Emerald Savannah's role in the Ape Trade. I learned a great deal during my stay."

"The Master of Acquisitions at the Library of All Worlds was right about my appearance: I blend in well here. The people are handsome. They have dark skin, high foreheads, high bridged noses, and kinky hair. They are quite tall. Just like me. Fortress monasteries dug straight down right into the mountains, just like you said. Coming in through the Monastic Gate there was a much better idea than arriving through the gate at the capital."

"I introduced myself as a Seed Trader. That drew frowns. Bad soil up here. I explained that I go into other realms to see what plants are in their forests. People relaxed a bit. I made friends in a nearby market. I found a guide to take me to the forests."

"This realm certainly does have an odd relationship with the Emerald family. Emerald Savannah's ruling family has sold the Emeralds great tracts of land. A merchant in the market told me that the Emeralds are buying up land near the capital. They have large plantations and have cleared away forest near the capital." 

"And the Everway connections don't stop there. Spherewalkers are bringing in special high-yield grains; the seed barrels have Crookstaff seals."

"The Emerald plantations are using The Mankines to till the soil and tend their crops. This is the source of Ape Trade, although I did not have time to work out the details of how the trade is conducted (persons/groups involved, Spherepaths used, etc.). But there can be  no doubt that these are the same creatures being sold and used as slaves by wealthy families Everway."

Homo_habilis.JPG: Photographed by User:Lillyundfreya
Few of these poor creatures remain in the wild. Time to move on. Action is recommended.

This one is for Boris Stremlin.

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