Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You Decide: A Spherewalker Named "Brother"

You Decide #4

In You Decide posts, we create new Vision Cards together! The Everwayan shows you an image, provides a brief framing statement, draws three to six Fortune Cards, and asks you to answer a few questions about the image. You flesh it out.

There are guidelines on how to play You Decide, and Everway reference information available here.

You Decide About the Image:

Title "Brother";  Medium: Newsprint and Print; Artist: Jean, Cuban
This print is part of the Obsidian Arts exhibit at Pillsbury House in Minneapolis, MN
Photo c. 2012 John Till 
Frame: The image is of a Spherewalker named "Brother." He is often found in places where "the news" is being shared or sold.

Fortune Cards:

  • Virtue: Summer - Energy
  • Fault: Overlooking the Diamond - Failing to See Opportunity
  • Fate: Sowing Stones - Fruitless Labor vs. Ceasing Fruitless Labor

  1. How did Brother get his name? Was it a given name or one he chose?
  2. What realm is Brother from? What motivates him to walk the spheres?
  3. What gifts or powers does he have? What does he use them for?
What are your answers? You Decide!

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  1. 1. A given name, by one who makes words stick and who saw the need to bring this outsider slowly in.

    2. He has never told, and none recognise the signs. He walks to find the perfect home, a long walk.

    3. His feeling for relations among beings is keen, and his companionship often brings those around him closer to each other.


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