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Scenario Seeds For The 
Island With Two Kings

The first order of business is getting to the Island With Two Kings. There are a few different ways that Spherewalkers can get there. One approach is to take a boat from the land of the River Kingdoms to the South. The more southern Land of a Thousand Pyramids has numerous forgotten gates. The more northern Land of the Yellow Pharaoh has three gates in its capital, the City of The Awakened Sphinx. The port city of Lighthouse also has an important gate, and is a major crossroads for traders, scholars, and bookhounds from many different realms and spheres. On the Island itself there is also a long forgotten grove of trees a just short walk from the Royal Palace. That gate is called the Pan Gate because it is guarded by a faun. Finally, there is a Water Gate about half way between Lighthouse and the Island With Two Kings. That Water Gate connects to the ocean sphere known as Shallow Grave.

Once Spherewalkers have arrived at the Island With Two Kings, they will discover several different opportunities for adventure: 
  1. The Sea King is going slowly insane due to the incessant bellows of the Bull King. The beast demands more and more sacrifices, which is further eroding support for the Sea King. The King asks you to solve this problem. He offers to make you as rich as King Midas in return for helping him pacify the Bull King. 
  2. One of the Sea King's young heirs has climbed down the pit into the Labyrinth. No one knows whether the child's disappearance is some new trick of the Bull King, or whether the child  just went exploring down there as a lark. A rope ladder is still anchored to the upper rim of the entrance to the Pit.
  3. Any Spherewalker within the walls of the palace will feel the pull a very powerful gate or network of gates below the palace. Many Spherewalkers will want to explore the the Labyrinth to find the source of this energy. See the Table of Gates on Monday for inspirations on the gate system below the palace.
  4. Uprisings and plots plague the Sea King's empire. His Admirals plot against him. His Queen is unfaithful and rumored to be a poisoner. (The Sea King has many ailments and believes she is behind several of them.) Even the Sea King's children plot against his rule. The Sea King seeks to escape once and for all through the gate complex in the Labyrinth. Will the Spherewalkers help him descend into the Labyrinth, protect him from the Bull King, and help him find another realm to rule?
  5. It is rumored that the Sea King has harnessed great sea monsters such as The Kraken. The mere threat that he would unleash such monsters is sufficient to keep the Tribute Islands from rebelling. Do the Spherewalkers think this is fair? Can they do something about it? Alternatively, they may be asked to rescue a rebellious Tribute Island that is about to be attacked by The Kraken or another of the Sea King's monsters.
  6. The Sea King has announced an ambitious new project to increase land in cultivation by building dams that will lower the level of the Middle Sea. Great magical energies are being unleashed in the Far West to raise the sea floor in the Great Ocean which lies just outside the Pillars. This has caused vast mud flats to appear inside and outside the Pillars. Many lost artifacts and treasures can be found there.
  7. A mighty earthquake in the seabeds beyond the Pillars is sending vast tidal waves ripping across the Middle Sea. Is Lord Poseidon taking revenge on the Sea King and his Admirals for impiety? Can the Spherewalkers save the Island With Two Kings from the devastation to come?

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