Friday, August 3, 2012

Domain Level Play For Everway

I had an epiphany yesterday on how to create rules for Merchant Houses and other organizations in the Everwayan multiverse. Rules already exist for companies, organizations in RPGs such as REIGN, Starblazer Adventures, and certain editions of D&D, respectively.

There are ways to do this for Everway, using elements and Aspects to parallel the FATE fractal in which characters, vehicles, and organizations can have essentially similar stats and mechanics, differing only in scale.

I am going to build that out for Everway, using a variation of the OGL FATE Mechanics.

The details will be presented next week on The Everwayan.

In the meantime, I am participating this weekend in the 20th anniversary celebration for Diversicon, a very readerly Twin Cities, Minnesota convention devoted to diversity and inclusion in the genres of F&SF and horror. Wikipedia has a good entry on the history of Diversicon.

Tananarive Due
This year's Guests of Honor feature the return of power couple of Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes.

Steven Barnes
Our posthumous guests of honor are Charles Dickens and Andre Norton.

I will be running a Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space scenario titled "The Lion's Blood, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: Consider the Alternatives!" It is a tribute romp through the creations of past Diversicon Guests of Honor including Andrea Hairston, Nndei Okorafor, and Eleanor Arnason.

I will also be moderating two panels that may be of interest to readers of The Everwayan:
  • The Politics of Steampunk   
  • The Planetary Romance 100 Years Later

On my other blog,, I will be posting my prep notes for the two panels. Please feel free to stop by and check them out. The first will go up this evening, the second tomorrow morning.

See you Monday with some domain level play for Everway!

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