Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Labyrinth Beneath The Palace

Beneath the Royal Palace on the Island With Two Kings there is a vast Labyrinth. The first Sea King ordered the Labyrinth built a place to offer sacrifice to the God of Might and Storms.

One guise of The God of Might and Storms 
Its architecture was devised by Sorcerer-Priest hostages that the first Sea King brought to the island from the River Kingdoms to the South.
The Labyrinth that the captive Sorcerer-Priests devised was to play a cruel joke upon the Sea King. When  built, the Labyrinth bound the Sea King forever within his Royal Palace; he could walk no further East, West, North or South than the furthest extents of the Labyrinth below. No wonder that successive Sea Kings built more and more additions onto the Royal Palace.
But the Sorcerer-Priests' revenge extended further. When the King realized he was trapped in his palace, he executed all but two of the Sorcerer-Priests. The Sea King demanded that the two remaining ones build a gate into the Labyrinth: one that the King could use to escape the palace as a last resort.

They replied "This has already been done; we anticipated your request. But you will only be able to use the gate one time." The King, enraged slew one of the Sorcerer-Priests with his double-headed axe. The other he had hurled down into the Labryinth.

The Sorcerer-Priest's curses and howls of pain and rage were heard for days. Then, one day they stopped. Instead, the King and courtiers above heard the snorts and bellows of a beast, the clop-clop of hooves on stone, and the sound of horns scraping the walls and pillars in the Labyrinth below. They heard the voice and sounds of the God of Might and Storms, demanding sacrifices. Thereafter, whenever a youthful acrobat stumbled or fell while performing the Bull Leaping Games, they were lowered into the Labyrinth as a sacrifice to the Bull King, the King Who Reigns Below.


  1. but is there treasure down there?

  2. The post later today contains some of the answers to your questions!


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