Friday, August 31, 2012

The Wolves Of Shimmermoon Bay
The Wolves of Shimmermoon Bay are an aphorism, a legend, and a warning to the King of Everway. For people in the city, the aphorism "When you see Wolves in Shimmermoon Bay" means "Be careful what you wish for." 

The aphorism refers to the legend that in ancient times, there was a wicked Emerald King, who while hunting in the Forest became smitten by the beautiful Rabbit Queen. The King demanded her favors. She agreed, on the condition that the King would rid the Forest of her children's greatest fear: the Wolves of the Forest.

The King agreed. He asked the Council for solutions. A number were proposed, from a great hunt, to poison traps, to bringing in an apex predator from another sphere. The King was satisfied with none of these ideas. Finally, the Crookstaff and Snakering Counselors put their heads together and came up with a trick: use magic to bury the moon deep within Shimmermoon Bay. When the wolves come to worship it as they do every night - just drown them.

This plan worked all to well. In fact, when the Rabbit Queen learned of their plans, she whispered them to the Shark King. He and his children were only too happy to gobble up the confused wolves as they struggled to swim away from the moon and fill their lungs with fresh air.

The King had his one night of bliss with the Rabbit Queen. Rabbits are fickle. A day later, the King was found dead in his royal chambers - his throat torn open. His bed linens were covered in muddy paw tracks

The wolves were never again seen in the Forest. Instead, coyotes and hyaenas took their place. No one was happy: not the rabbits and not the hunters seeking out game in the Forest.

Ever since that time, sailors have reported tales of Ghost Wolves walking on the waters of the nighttime Bay. These sightings are almost always an ill omen. They usually foretell misfortune for the current Emerald King.

The Whiteoar family's exploited this legend during their Civil War with the Council. The Whiteoars' pirate allies in the lands surrounding Roundwander were called the Wolves of Shimmermoon Bay.

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