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Table 6: Table Of Gates

Do you need to determine the nature of a gate? 

Roll a D30 and consult the table below. If you want to create a Hybrid gate, combining the features of two or more gate types, just roll twice on the table.

Die Result:

1-10: The gate is an Earth gate. This is the conventional type of gate featured in the Everway game. A Spherewalker uses this kind of gate to walk to another realm or sphere.

11-13: There is no gate. Instead, a Tidal Pool forms a interstitial zone between adjacent realms or spheres. Slip into a Tidal Pool and you disappear. You may reappear at the same point of departure later, or depart into an entirely different realm or sphere. Tidal pools often combine one or more elements (earth, air, fire, water), or extend the local features of a scene into a much large space (i.e., an infinite library or a colossal Gormenghastian castle-city).
13-17: The gate is a Water gate. These form in rivers, streams, ponds, oases, waterfalls, swamps/marshes, lakes, seas, and oceans. They connect two spheres by water. The Whiteoar family of Everway were masters of such gates.

Fire Masked Djinn by blackskull 8 
18-20: The gate is a Fire gate. The user literally walks through flames to move from one sphere into another. These are often found naturally in volcanoes and lava flows. Temporary fire gates are often formed as a result of a magic ritual involving conflagrations. These gates are difficult for humans to use, although they are favorites of demons and djinn. 

Friedrich Johann Justin Bertuch (1747-1822)
21-23: The gate is an Air gate. These gates connect the skies of different worlds. These can be used by a range of avian creatures, such as the godlike Rukh, Hawk- and Eagle-Men, and shapeshifting Eagle Knights. 
24: The gate is a Floodgate. This is a pluripotent gate that creates a new realm on the other side of the gate the first time it is used.

25: The gate is a Puzzle gate. Most of these gates are portable, and take the form of a clockwork device. They are used to summon fearsome gods and demons from the planes beyond. Sometimes they are used by assassins; more often they are the playthings of foolish hedonists. Their creation and use is prohibited in many realms, including Everway..

26: The gate is a Paradox gate, also known as a Fractal gate. These living, growing gates seethe with magical energies and open into many other spheres simultaneously. Prismatic gates have a prismatic effect:: passage through the gate will split the Spherewalker split into many different copies of him/herself that wander the spheres never to reunite. There is a sect within the Walker's Pyramid Cult that believes this has happened to The Walker.

27: The gate is a Timelike gate, connecting a realm to a different time in either the past or future. The destination may be to the same realm at a different point in time, or to another realm entirely. Many of these gates are one-way. Some connect to realms that have imploded and no longer exist.

28: The gate is a Fleshgate. The gate is part of the body of a dead or living god, and draws the Spherewalker deeper into the god's being and essence. Few Spherewalkers return after traversing such a gate. Those who do are radically changed.

29: The gate is a Caster's gate, created by the potent magic of a mortal wizard. These gates always have a flaw. Some are always open - any person or monster can use it at any time with no need for a Spherewalker to guide them between the realms. Others bleed strange radiations that warp the realms adjacent to the gate.

30: The gate is a Dream gate, allowing the Spherewalker or other persons to enter the realm of dreams. Such gates can be found in unusual, dreamlike locations, such as the lakebottom ruins of dead cities or ancient battlefields where the corpses of the slain haven't rotted. Temporary dream gates can also be created for a price by the potent drugs of the Pipe Dreamers.


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