Wednesday, August 29, 2012

OTE 20

Horus stands watch over # 8 of 500
numbered and signed by Jonathan Tweet
This year marks the 20th anniversary of one of Jonathan Tweet's other great creations: the roleplaying game Over the Edge. The 20th Anniversary Edition reprints the second edition of OTE on much nicer paper and with a leather cover. It also has a section at the front of the book with full color pages and retrospective essays by Robin Laws, Keith Baker, Greg Stolze and Jonathan Tweet. I'll post some reflections on these as I read them. The front section also has a beautiful two-page spread with a gorgeous full color map of Al Amarja!

There are some interesting mechanical connections between Everway and OTE especially  both games' lean and narrativist character designs and point-based power systems. And you don't need to buy the book to explore the system. This year, Atlas Games published the WARP system as an OGL system! You can find links to the WARP system OGL SRD here.

I remember a con report back in the day - I believe it was by Tweet and not Stolze but I might be wrong - about a linked series of three convention scenarios featuring Everway's evil schemer dragon Alurax. The first took place in Everway, the second took place in Tweet's Ars Magica setting, and the third took place in OTE. It sounded really fun!

The closest I ever got to running OTE was running an Ars Magica-Vampire: the Dark Ages fusion game that was set on Al Amarja! I placed the island in the Baleric Isles. I decided that in the Middle Ages it was known as Al-Majar. A crazy schemer wizard was building a second Noah's Ark there and planned to flood the world to rid it of vampires! I remember the PCs surprise when the wizard kept on fighting ever after they beheaded him... they don't make evil schemers that way anywhere else than in Al Amarja!

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