Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Stat Block For The Red Beaks

Organization: The Red Beaks

The Red Beaks are a small mercenary company run by Stabber Crow, one of the numerous bad seeds of the Crow family. The company specializes in contracts that no one else wants. The Red Beaks have several Spherewalkers and mages, and their contacts typically involve work in other spheres. This is critical, since Stabber Crow is a persona non grata in the city of Everway. The Red Beaks have a keep  in the realm of "Ashland, a land of smoky volcanoes , deadly cockatrices, and devious goblins" (Playing Guide, p. 23). This is the springboard for most of their operations, which take place several gates away from Everway.  The Red Beaks always maintain one or two factors in Strangerside. Ask the rougher sorts on the street, and they can point you towards them.

  • Strength: The Griffin - Valor We never run
  • Weakness: The Smith, Reversed - Evil Effort They'll think twice next time
  • Opportunity:  The Satyr - Indulgence vs. Moderation  Barely under control
  • Association = One Additional Aspect:
    • We get the job done - so do we have a deal?

  • Fire (Force) 3
  • Earth (Resources) 2
  • Air (Knowledge) 1
  • Water (Influence) 2

  • Order 5
  • Treasury 5


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