Thursday, August 2, 2012

Table 6: Inter-Sphere Trade Items

What kinds of items are traded between the spheres? Here is a D30 table to get some ideas flowing.
  1. Luxury goods including: 
    • Books and scrolls
    • Spherepaths, atlases, and maps
    • Fortune Decks (especially variant designs)
    • Items uniquely associated with a specific Sphere or Realm (e.g., you only find Pyramid Cult medallions and rosaries in Everway)
    • Items associated with a historical figure (ruler, folk hero, Spherewalker from a particular realm)
    • Fine rugs and textiles
    • Jewelry and other apparel
    • Cosmetics
    • Musical instruments
    • Paintings
    • Furniture
    • Jade items
  2. Gold and gems
  3. Saffron
  4. Other spices
  5. Religious relics
  6. Sacred articles (e.g., sage, holy water, dragon relics) used in rituals
  7. Demon jars
  8. Magic items
  9. Grains. Magically modified high-yield grains are increasingly popular trade items. Some of high yield grains cannot be used as seed. Trade in these grains makes farmers in one sphere dependent on magi in another to produce new seed corn
  10. Mankines
  11. Human slaves (the sale of which is prohibited in Everway)
  12. Salt
  13. Fruits, especially the transportation of fruits that are in-season in one realm to another where those fruits are not in season (or simply impossible to grow)
  14. Magic fruits
  15. Various alcoholic beverages.
  16. Recreational and ritual drugs
  17. Domesticated animals
  18. Specialized or superior breeds of domesticated animals
  19. Rare or exotic animals
  20. Magical creatures
  21. Creature parts
  22. Small machines, magical or otherwise
  23. Weapons and armor.
  24. Dragon-backed currency and items that were once part of Dragon hoards 
  25. Dragon relics- see the Dragon Trade II.
  26. Debt pawns to collateralize loans between spheres
  27. Pottery, china, glasses, utensils
  28. Labor in the form of skilled workers (masons, smiths, mercenaries, shipwrights)
  29. Medicines
  30. Stimulants including:
    • Tobacco
    • Tea leaves
    • Coffee beans,
    • Chocolate beans
    • Coca leaves
    • Khat


  1. What about Jeweler's Rouge & Black Powder?

  2. Both of those are good calls. According to Wikipedia, jeweler's rouge was used to polish gold, gems, and lenses - as well as being used as a cosmetic in ancient times. Interesting. Black powder would work as well, since it goes back to 9th C. China. It was the world's first chemical explosive. In standard Everway, there are no black powder firearms, however, which probably reflects Wester high fantasy's discomfort with modernity. Quite a different attitude than you see in Japanese manga and anime.

  3. Consider Zelazney's Amber series...there's a good example of Western fantasy that found a clever way to bring fire-arms into the mix quite nicely.

  4. And their is an Amberway conversion which you can see from The Crossroads-Everway Links page to the upper right.

  5. Seems like a natural fit.
    Good stuff.


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