Monday, September 17, 2012

Blade & Crown for Sale

Last week, I shared news about Rachel Kronick's very gritty new indie fantasy RPG, Blade & Crown, which had just launched its pre-publication website.

It's subtitle is "Fantasy roleplaying that balances 80s realism with indie narrativism" which hits the nail on the head - with the sword pommel!

I am happy to say that the game is now available for sale through Drive Thru RPG. Right now, it is available as a PDF, and it will also soon be available through there in print.

The link is here:

Our game group was forged (no pun intended) as a playtest group.

So it is no accident that Blade & Crown is the third RPG product to be launched by a member of my gaming group, the first two being Heirs to the Lost World RPG and RPG Inspiration Cards.

What will be next? Check back in a month or so!

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