Friday, September 28, 2012

Everwayan Table Index

Table 1.0 - Things Found Upon Spherewalkers - A 36-item table, which is broken out into three sections below if you don't have a D36 handy. Rolling instructions for the sub-tables are found in Table 1.1. Sub-Tables 1.1-1.3 each contain hyperlinks to some individual item descriptions!

Table 1.1 - Things Found Upon Spherewalkers - The first section of the original Table 1. Uses a D12.

Table 1.2 - Things Found Upon Spherewalkers - The middle section subset of the original Table 1. Uses a D12.

Table 1.3 - Things Found Upon Spherewalkers - The final subset of the original D36 table. This table uses a D12. 

Table 2 - Strangerside Encounters - Encounters from the wild side of town!A D30 table for Everway's foreigners' quarter.

Table 3 - Encounters Around the Arenas - It can get a little rough here! A D12 table.

Table 4- Encounters Around the Library of All Worlds - Before you enter the Library, try one of the encounters from this D12 table!

Table 5 - Encounters Inside the Library of All Worlds - There's a lot going on inside this library.  A D30 table!

Table 6 - Table of Gates - There are more kinds of Gates than are dreampt of in your Keeper orthodoxies, oh, Everwayan! A D30 table with different kinds of Gates.

Table 7 -Families of Everway - Need to come up with an Everwayan family on the spot for your game? Try this D30 Table! It includes all the canon families and a number of my own creations!

Table 8 - Ten Spherewalking Assassins - Perfect GM companions when mayhem is required.


  1. Very handy indeed!
    These sorts of indexes are very helpful to readers.
    It keeps us from getting lost in labels or stuck digging through an archive that isn't always as search-friendly as advertised...

    You might consider adding a link to your index-posts in the right-hand side-bar to make them even more accessible...

  2. I now have a page for Everwayan's tables and resources to the right.

  3. This is wonderful - thank you. Consider making it into an eBook. I would happily purchase.

  4. @D Martin: Thanks so much! Mainly I wanted to make what I have done on these particular sub-projects more accessible to Everway fans. As for publications, we hope to have one on offer very soon for another game system. Stay tuned for details!


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