Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Slake Family Storeroom

The Slake family are brewers and barkeeps. They have many small shops in the City of Everway proper as well as in Strangerside, where they sell beer and operate small taverns. Their main family house is a brewery down by the Piers.

All is not well with the Slakes. Malt Slake, who is married to the clan matriarch, Amber Slake, has no interest in her or in other women. Malt's eyes wander elsewhere: mainly toward the more attractive male patrons of the brewery.

Malt gives too many free drinks to patrons. He arranges too many late night dalliances in the brewery's storeroom. "Not good for business" complain Amber's three sisters.

Even worse, Amber's sisters have heard rumors that Malt is selling the family's legendary beer recipies to competitors. "Perhaps he is planning to leave you," they whisper to Amber, "and set-up a business of his own with one of his new found friends?"

Amber has had enough. She definitely wants Malt followed. And she wants someone to teach him a lesson.

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