Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Gold Menagerie

We're continuing our series of posts with details on Everway's family clanhouses. For this series, I am using Kevin Crawford's One Page tables for creating an Urban Palace and Building A Noble Clan from his forthcoming medieval Africa-inspired fantasy RPG, Spears of the Dawn.

As you enter the Gold family clanhouse, you will expect to see fine jewelry with gems and gold everywhere. And you won't be disappointed. But you will really be surprised by the number of ivory statuettes and figurines placed on little shelves and in small wall nooks throughout the Gold clanhouse.

The Gold family are gold-skinned Outsiders from another realm. In their original home, the Golds were known as exquisite metalworkers, specializing in gold jewelry. It is whispered that they were forbidden to work in ivory - the magic was to potent for any but a strong hunter or shaman.

So the Golds content themselves with buying finely carved art in ivory. The spirits in these items are so lifelike that they pray, talk, and dance for them.

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