Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Mask Family Library

YA Author Holly Black
Did you know the Mask family had a library? It's buried deep inside their clanhouse, behind multiple secret panels. The Mask family are officially entertainers of all sorts; unofficially, they are involved in all sorts of illicit trade and activities in the city of Everway [Playing Guide, p.13]. The library is where the family keeps all its trade secrets: accounting books, notes on key locations in the city of Everway, and maps of the Undercity with its sewers, ancient shrines to The Forgotten and Forbidden Gods, and secret storehouses.

The library also has a secret passageway into the Mask family vault. Reed Mask, the clan accountant, has been using this passage to slowly but surely embezzle the family fortunes. She was passed over for leadership of the clan, and intends to run things into the ground for the current clan mother.

Reed Mask has the help of a household servant with this task: Reed holds the secret door open (so that it doesn't snap shut), while servant goes into the vault and removes coin. The servant also gets a cut, but no one has noticed yet that his clothes are getting finer. One of the Mask children has noticed the servant's nice new gold ring with the ruby gem...

This post was generated using Kevin Crawford's One Page tables for creating an Urban Palace and Building A Noble Clan from the forthcoming Spears of the Dawn RPG.

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