Monday, September 24, 2012

Weaver Audience Chamber

"The Raven Addresses the Assembled Animals"
by Miskin (Mughal India, 1590)
The Weaver family of Everway have one of the most modest clanhouses in the city - except for its remarkable audience chamber. Some have called the Weaver's Audience Room "the Showroom" because after a visit here, few potential buyers can resist purchasing or commissioning one of their textiles. However, items for sale are stored in other rooms.

Nothing in this room  is for sale.

In fact, many of the textiles in the Audience Room are not even the handiwork of the Weaver family. They are from a thousand different realms, and represent a multitude of different styles. Some have even said that the room has no walls or ceiling - that only the textiles that cover them, and that the carpets piled on the Audience Room floor are layered at least two feet deep. One or two Crookstaff have even speculated that the carpets on the floor are piled in infinite layers.

A number of the carpets and textiles have special qualities. One is a legendary Flying Carpet. One of the hangings is called Gateweaver, because that is what it does. In fact, many of the textiles in the Audience Room are one way gates.

Be careful where you sit.

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