Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Green Kitchen

Franz Eugen Köhler, "Atropa Belladonna"
from "
Köhler's Medizinal-Pflanzen"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atropa_belladonna   
The Green family are sloppy cooks, but they are respected - and feared - as a family of herbalists and poisoners. If you're looking for a certain herb, they'll probably have it. They are a favorite stop of Spherewalkers who have just returned to Everway through the gates. They know the the Greens pay top beads for the botanical curiosities and discoveries from other realms and spheres. 

They sell the specialized herbs, especially the risky ones that the Mothers don't like to use in their healing concoctions. If you have a rat or a bug problem, their poison traps are quite reliable and get the job done. More than a few people stop by to find something to take care of larger pests, too.

Just go down the alley, make a right, and take the back door into the kitchen. You can't miss it from the pungent smells and the sight of herbs of every kind dangling from the kitchen's rafters.

In their kitchen-apothecary, you will see herbs of all kinds piled on giant chopping blocks. Be careful what you touch. No matter how tempting, don't sneak a nibble. Minced, sliced, diced, and grated, these plants and powders are as likely to make you sick as to perk-up your taste buds.

Ingredients get tossed into the Greens' pots and pans that weren't meant to be cooked together. Most of the Greens have been poisoned many times. They have strong stomachs and constitutions, if rather wan and drawn appearances, and have developed a natural immunity to many poisons. Not so their house guests and visitors. Don't bring small children or pets into their kitchen.

Their spiced bread is particularly suspect, but a very popular purchase with household servants among the great families of Everway.

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