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Table 7: Families of Everway

There are about a thousand different Everwayan families. These are essentially clans. Most families are known for their preeminence in one or more specialized trades. A child takes his or her mother's surname. A man will take his wife's surname. Here is a table representing the most prominent families and a few others. 

The families in bold have a seat on the Council which rules Everway. Of course, the Emerald family's representative is a representative in the person of the King, Horizon Emerald.

Families 22-30 are minor families and are my creation. What are your ideas for minor families? Please post them in the comments - I'd love to hear your ideas!

"La Civilizacion de Tarasca" by Diego Rivera

Table 7- Families of Everway

Roll a D30, and consult the table below:
  1. Emerald - the ruling family; the current emperor is Horizon Emerald
  2. Crookstaff - prominent wizards, holders of secrets and mysteries
  3. Snakering - courtiers, diplomats, political advisers
  4. Scratch - scribes and scholars
  5. Crow - warriors
  6. Digger - miners and moneylenders
  7. Stonebreaker - architects, engineers, and builders
  8. Whiteoar - they are no more, or so we are told, having died out during an ancient civil war (a Council chair is left open for them)
  9. Host - offer hospitality to travelers
  10. Gold - the makers of fine jewelry
  11. Keeper - tenders and guardians of the gates
  12. Mother - healers and midwives; with this family, the surname comes first (e.g., Mother Patch)
  13. Moondance - priestesses of Everway's many gods and goddesses - and their guardians
  14. Mask - officially, entertainers; unofficially involved in all kinds of illicit trade
  15. Mudbank - leatherworkers, and the removers of dead animals from the city streets
  16. Tenders - prepare and bury bodies; holy and untouchable
  17. Wailers - ceremonial specialists
  18. Plume - imperial guards
  19. Watcher - city watch
  20. Weaver - weavers, dyers, early adopters of new trades; friendly to Outsiders and therefore seen as troublemakers by more traditional families
  21. Smith - armorers, metalworkers, weapons-makers
  22. Morningsong - collect night soil to sell to farmers
  23. Shore - an ancient Stranger family that manage the harbor and work as stevedores
  24. Potter - artisans of the potter's wheel
  25. Shard - mosaic makers
  26. Flowblue - a proud ancient Outsider family that knows the art of making fine porcelain (estate remains defiantly in Strangerside)
  27. Slake - brewers and barkeeps
  28. Green - herbalists and poisoners (against vermin, of course - how could you think otherwise?!?)
  29. Littleoar - fisherfolk who live in Everway and all along the Shimmermoon Bay
  30. Mender - it is said these tinkers can repair anything that human hands have made or broken


  1. I've read mention of this Everwayan Civil War in some of your previous posts. Is that canon or fan created folklore? Either way, are there any details about it? Stories, anecdotes, boons, etc.? Would love to know more.

  2. The only mention of the Whiteoar family is on p. 16 of the Playing Guide: "In addition, a place is symbolically reserved in the Council for a representa alltive of the Whiteoar family, whose remaining members died hundreds of years ago in a civil war."

    As far as I can tell, this is the only reference anywhere in official Everwayan materials. I have been using the Label "The Legend of the Whiteoars" on posts where I have been building out their legend.

    You should be able to find them using the search function on the right hand sidebar, or by clicking on "The Legend of the Whiteoars" Label in the Labels box right below the Search window.


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