Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Fortune Cards of Wet Planks

The Realm of Wet Planks is characterized by the following qualities:

Virtue:  The Smith - Productivity
Fault: The Hermit, Reversed - Wisdom
Fate: The Fool - Freedom vs. Lack of Connection

The central tension in this realm is between the hard work and productivity which is a characteristic of maritime` life, and the isolation and parochialism which occurs in shipboard communities where people are confined together for long periods of time. People at sea are often trapped in very narrowly defined roles in dangerous conditions.

Even though Wet Planks is not entirely self-sufficient, the existence of the Water Gates and raiding and trading beyond their own world ensures a certain cultural and economic continuity within the realm. However, each ship is like its own state, albeit one with very constrained resources.

Should a Usurper power manifest in this realm, the individual ship-states may not be prepared to recognize the problem or move quickly to address it. For now, Wet Planks is a stable realm; whether it can remain so in the face of depends upon the ability of Wet Planks' people to come together to address current, future, gradual, or abrupt changes that may put its very existence at risk.

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